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Inventory Barcode Solution

About Our Barcode Solution

Integrate barcode scanning to your inventory management. Our wifi enabled barcode scanners use a custom developed app that allows workers to scan items easily.

This will sync with your system and provide a powerful inventory management tool to your business. The AOC Barcode Solution is a third-party add-on to business applications such as QuickBooks. The solution allows you to integrate barcode scanning to inventory management. It provides a faster and more accurate order fulfillment and replenishment process.

The Barcode Solution Process

The Barcode Solution works with the AML TDX20 barcode scanner.  This affordable barcode scanner is a wireless handheld mobile computer.  You don’t need to print out a pick ticket since the pick list is available on the handheld scanner.  All you need to do is choose a picking number from the list and begin scanning. This is a fast and cost effective process since you don’t have to print a paper pick ticket.   

Additionally, the system allows the warehouse manager to monitor the status of inbound and outbound orders.  It allows the warehouse manager to assign tasks to one or multiple scanners.  It also helps the warehouse manager identify problems.


Order picking process management

Streamline the order and shipping process with our picking management feature. Consolidate multiple orders into picking lists to speed up the warehouse operation while still being able to monitor inventory status updates.

Picking and shipping status tracking

Provide an overview of the warehouse operation history. Check who, when, and what was processed for orders with summary and detail information.

Receiving operations at ease

Faster receiving process by consolidating purchase orders into one or multiple inbound packing slip(s) and operating the receiving process in batches with barcode scanners.

Inventory history tracking

Keeping track of inventory activity from start to finish. Monitoring inbound and outbound inventory transactions to visualize the overall inventory flow.


Standardize warehouse operation

Establishing systematic standards on inventory operations to increase warehouse scalability which will help with overall company growth.

Reduce Human Errors

Minimizing Incorrect inventory quantity and human errors. Elevating warehouse management tasks to another level with a peace of mind.

Improve managerial effectiveness

Assign tasks, spot issues, and monitor processes all in one place to increase supervision efficiency and warehouse productivity.