Integration For Your Marketplaces

The trending increase in the eCommerce industry has created a growing demand for the integration of these marketplaces with QuickBooks. Most businesses are looking to save time and money and we can offer a cost effective solution to this process.

AOC can quickly integrate your orders, inventory, customers, and fulfillment data between all the major marketplaces and QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

Here Are Some Of The Features:

QuickBooks Online or Desktop Integration

Integrate your Marketplace and automatically send your orders to QuickBooks and track your inventory and financials.

Order Management

Eliminate manual order entries and allow us to automate the process. Your Marketplace orders will be easy to locate and manage.

Shipping Options

Generate shipping labels from your Marketplace orders and quickly complete shipping your orders with your choice of carrier.

Settlement Reports

Comprehensive reports give you consolidated data over sales, inventory, and shipping costs.

Multiple Channels

Track inventory changes in all your selling channels. Automatically download new orders and update shipping status information.

Multiple Warehouses

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses.Once orders are synced, you will be able to select which warehouse to ship from.