Customized Software Solutions In Los Angeles

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AOC is located in the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in providing excellent and professional IT solutions not limited to software development, but also hardware installation and management. Especially, today, we are introducing one of our newest business solutions, AOC’s Order Process Lite.

Why do you need AOC’s Order Process Lite (OPL)?

AOC’s OPL is a focused product specifically made for sales order processing of import export, retail, and e-commerce industries. OPL allows for companies to precisely and efficiently process orders while simultaneously increasing order shipment processing speeds. Our developers will, according to your current company’s workflow and operations, adjust our system to work alongside the different requirements needed through different departments to increase efficiency, decrease room for human error, and grow customer satisfaction.

Also, AOC’s OPL system has a flexible re-organizational structure. Our developers can sync and reorganize your data between our OPL system and your different e-commerce platforms (such as EDI, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.) according to your requirements by automatically integrating data with our OPL and automating order shipments from the warehouse. If you are a QuickBooks user, AOC’s developers can also find the most suitable methods to integrate with our OPL system for the highest levels of efficiency to increase your overall business proficiency.

If you have any inquiries regarding order processing demands or IT solutions, please contact AOC. Let AOC’s team of professionals assist in the growth of your company.